Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Why I yoga

This post is part of the series on thinking and writing about the why behind certain decisions. 

I started practicing yoga in the year 2015 as means to stay active and find an outlet from all the other things I had going on in life. One of the first yoga classes I took was at the CorePower Yoga studio in Streeterville, Chicago.

I recall walking out of the classes in my first few weeks, thinking, if this was for me? Do I really want this? Am I flexible enough? and all the negative thoughts and self-doubts one can think of.

However, I somehow persisted and continued practicing, often times mixing up the different styles - flow with power yoga and restorative classes.

Over the years, yoga has become an integral part of the life, something that I feel committed to and make time for.

I believe it is important to think about why practice yoga.

Over time I have made a few observations on effects of yoga on my life and people around me. In the increasingly connected world we live in, I find myself always thinking about and anticipating the next thing to do. Yoga for me has become a tool to stay more present and connected with the physical world around us.

It has helped me explore other interests - biking, hiking and philosophy (although it is debatable interest in Economics interest led me to this) and help make new connections and friendships.

Grateful for the practice! 

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